Trial launch of intercontinental ballistic missile Minuteman III on 45th anniversary of their entry into service

The Vandenberg Airbase conducted a test launch of the unmanned intercontinental ballistic missile LGM-30G Minuteman III. The test was conducted exactly on the 45th anniversary of the introduction of the first missiles of this type into service. They are currently the only land component of the US nuclear triad.

Americans say the missile was randomly selected and after it had been removed, the nuclear warhead was fired, then flew more than 6,500 miles and reached its destination near the Marshall Islands. Earlier, Minuteman III’s missiles were equipped with several independent nuclear warheads (MIRVs), but within the framework of the disarmament treaties, all (about 450, target 400) now have a single power head of about 300 kiloton.

Despite 45 years of combat readiness in three US bases, Americans still do not even have a candidate for the successor to these missiles. They are undergoing modernization, and most likely by the end of the year, the next generation of projectors will be selected. It is estimated, however, that Minuteman III missiles will remain in service until at least 2030, meaning more than 60 years in combat readiness.…

Multifunction printer from france

Most 3D printers available on the market can print from several types of media, but this requires a break in the replacement of the print heads and the materials themselves. This problem will not be available to users of the latest Pam printer model, developed by the French company Pollen.

A new, rather large-sized printer designed for home and business use, designed to be as user-friendly as possible. Its biggest advantage is the ability to use four different types of media during one printing process.

The machine is equipped with four heads and heated aluminum plate, which makes it possible to use various combinations, such as combining pairs of different materials on the fly, and a high operating temperature, which can reach a maximum of 350 degrees. The printer can use natural fibers, carbon, minerals, and metal particles, and it is also convenient to provide ingredients for printing.

Materials are connected to the device in the form of pellets in special containers, which contain thermoplastics, silicones, composites and other industrial quality materials.…

Buy yourself a private dock

The Japanese company Secom has built a dron to help with security systems. It can be used both to protect important buildings, factories and our homes. In the event of unauthorized intrusion into the premises, the robot is activated to take a close look at the intruder.

Drones move like a helicopter with 4 rotors. It weighs 1.6 kilograms and is equipped with: laser sensor, camera, on-board computer, LED lamp and communication device. The vehicle can fly continuously for 15 minutes, after which time it returns to the docking station where the batteries are recharged.

The commercial uses of this drona are many. For example, when an unauthorized vehicle enters a parking lot, the dron can automatically start and take pictures of the newcomer. When traveling, for example, when motion detectors around our house detect an intruder, the operation of the dron may be the same. Or just from time to time a vehicle can do a “round” around the house and alert us when activity is detected.…