New Ford Escape with SYNC Connect

The American concern Ford has announced its latest Escape SUV with SYNC Connect. This is a special option implemented in the infotainment system called SYNC, which provides the ability to control the functions of the vehicle with a dedicated application on smartphone.

Ford recently put a lot of emphasis on the modern functionality of its vehicles and using the latest technology to make using them much more convenient. That is why it is increasingly using mobile connectivity solutions.

The latest idea of ​​the American concern is to equip SYNC Connect with the latest Escape. This is one of the components of the infotainment system called SYNC, which provides additional functionality enhanced with smartphones.

In other words, the owner of this car with smartphone can remotely start the vehicle engine, including the ability to create a schedule of its running. This way, in the wintertime, we can program the engine firing eg 10 minutes before going to work and then we do not have to scrape the glass and the interior will be pleasantly warm.

You can also remotely lock and unlock the locks, and also have access to fuel level information in the tank, oil level, battery voltage and tire pressure. The additional advantage of this system is the ability to locate a vehicle on the map, in case the owner forget where he parked it.…

Facebook tests user loyalty

Facebook tests many different projects and concepts, and most of them are unaware of it, as experiments are carried out among employees or selected collaborators. Sometimes, however, the company tests its ideas on ordinary users and leaks the truth of the rather unusual projects of the well-known portal.

One of the latest ideas to test loyalty for portal users is to intentionally suspend the official Android app. By bringing the program to a standstill, the company checked whether users still wanted to use the tools they provided, or whether they were looking for an alternative to having trouble accessing their account.

This not only checked the loyalty of the users, but the portal also prepared for various scenarios, such as for a moment if Google for some reason removed the Facebook application from its digital store.…

New 3G and WiFi connections on Windows 8

Wireless networks in Windows 8 will be supported as never before. Quicker time to connect to WiFi, easy access to 3G networks, data meter and transfer rate limitation are just some of the new features in W8.

The wireless connection concept in Windows 8 had to be rebuilt, given that this version would also target mobile devices (such as tablets). To start with, one information about WiFi. A huge change will be the speed of connecting to the network after waking up from sleep: it will take just a little over a second.

Now: huge changes in 3G. Windows 8 will not be able to handle drivers, programs, and other add-ons that are included with 3G modems. Windows 8 will connect to the network itself and will continue to count on data consumed by us to avoid shocking the account. In W8 you will even be able to enable the transfer saving feature, which for example disables automatic updates by Windows Update. In Task Manager you will also see which application uses the most transfer – the new Windows counts. When we are within reach of a known WiFi network, 3G connectivity will be automatically disabled.…

Tesla reveals a list of Supercharger loaders

Since yesterday, the use of Supercharger chargers has stopped being free. Every owner of Tesla will therefore have to bear the additional charges. The manufacturer has just revealed their height.

Over the years, Tesla Motors’ American car users have been able to use the supercharger for free. These are devices that allow battery power to be added in a very short time, greatly enhancing the functionality of these vehicles.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer announced a few months ago that the Supercharger is no longer free and yesterday changed into a change that obliges Tesla owners to pay for the use of these chargers. Each of them will receive only 400 kWh of energy for free, which according to the manufacturer is enough to cover a distance of about 1600 km. It will have to use it within 12 months of delivery, but after reaching this limit, it will have to reach for the wallet.

You already know how much you will have to pay for using chargers. Prices will vary according to location and eg in California will be 20 cents per 1 kWh. In Washington, the price will be 12 cents per kWh, while in Virginia it will be 22 cents per kWh.

This is just one form of Supercharger fee, as in some states a slightly different rule will apply. In the case of cars with a battery capacity of up to 60 kWh the owner will pay 8 cents per minute of charge. If you load a model with a larger battery, then the rate is increased to 16 cents per minute. Energy charges can be made electronically.…

Elon Musk will extend the range of electric cars

Tesla Motors has already done a great deal for the electric vehicle market, offering vehicles that are nearly as functional as diesel engines thanks to their wide range. However, he does not intend to do it, and says that within a few years such vehicles will be able to travel for up to 1200 km.

Despite the development of electric car technology, their biggest drawback is still the issue of coverage. Although it is not so small, the Tesla Model S can travel for up to 800 km on one charge provided the driver does not press the accelerator pedal very hard. However, modern cars with internal combustion engines can withstand a distance of almost 1500 km on one fuel, so their advantage over electric vehicles is still considerable.

Elon Musk, head of Tesla Motors, wants to close it. In one recent interview, he said that his engineers are still working to increase the range of vehicles manufactured by the company.

Musk wants the 2017 Tesla Model S to cover 800 km on a single charge, during normal driving, without the need for precise energy dosing and turbulence on the road at turtles pace. And this is not his last word, and he promises to streamline technology so that by 2020 his Tesla is about 1200 km.…