Media center housing

Silverstone, Taiwan, for over a decade now, has provided us with enclosures and accessories for the home entertainment center, today unveiled its latest product, the media center SST-GD09B Grandia.

Silverstone SST-GD09B Grandia enclosure is available in black and can be fitted with the latest ATX, micro ATX and Mini-ITX motherboards. This is a very versatile design that allows you to install powerful AMD and Intel processors and create a powerful entertainment set.

The manufacturer has ensured that the efficient components are properly cooled, so that you can place the cooler on a 138 mm height processor. As for the length of the graphics card, it can reach a maximum of 309 mm, so we will easily fit even the strongest models. There are a total of eight PCI / PCI-Express cards

Also, there should be no problem with the power supply, as there is room for 220mm ATX power supply.

Grandia has only one 5.25-inch bay for a Blu-ray burner, while two 2.5 “/ 3.5” drives can be installed inside. The manufacturer also took care of filters that prevent dust from getting inside the casing, every 120 mm. One of them has a 120mm diameter fan which generates noise at 18 dBA.…

Minority Report in the real world

The 2002 Minority Report presents a world in which criminals are caught before they commit a crime. So far we do not have similar technology yet, but the first steps towards its acquisition were made by researchers from the Italian University of Trento.

Within the framework of the “Once Upon a Crime” study, an algorithm was developed to predict crime committed in London. Of course, this is not the case here, but rather the overall level, which will allow us to predict where they might grow in the near future and prevent it from being sent to increased patrols.

The researchers used anonymous data collected from O2 cellphone users for the period from December 2012 to January 2013. They then used a small portion to teach the algorithm to find correlations between collected data and local crime statistics. In this way, we have been able to create an algorithm that can predict the future level of crime in the areas of the city.

Without data collected from mobile phones, the accuracy of predictions was up to 62 percent, but with data up to 70 percent. This will help to identify where in the nearest future it can become dangerous and to send more police patrols there, thus protecting the citizens.…

Intelligent paper clips for underwear

Imagine the situation in which we just hung up our freshly washed clothes in the garden, and soon it will begin to rain, whose focus on work simply do not notice. Fortunately, a gadget has been created that can save us from being washed off, and it is called Peggy.

Technology is getting more and more into our lives and intelligent systems are not only in the fridges, home lighting, clothes, but now it also appears in the clips that hold us laundering on the ropes before the wind blows.

Omo, a well-known manufacturer of laundry detergents, developed intelligent luggage clips called Peggy. The prototype of this device can detect the approaching rain and then inform the owner of this. The device has a built-in Wi-Fi module that connects to our home network and collects local weather information, and then sends a smartphone notification when it is about to rain soon. This helps you know when your clothes will dry.…