Tesla Motors has already done a great deal for the electric vehicle market, offering vehicles that are nearly as functional as diesel engines thanks to their wide range. However, he does not intend to do it, and says that within a few years such vehicles will be able to travel for up to 1200 km.

Despite the development of electric car technology, their biggest drawback is still the issue of coverage. Although it is not so small, the Tesla Model S can travel for up to 800 km on one charge provided the driver does not press the accelerator pedal very hard. However, modern cars with internal combustion engines can withstand a distance of almost 1500 km on one fuel, so their advantage over electric vehicles is still considerable.

Elon Musk, head of Tesla Motors, wants to close it. In one recent interview, he said that his engineers are still working to increase the range of vehicles manufactured by the company.

Musk wants the 2017 Tesla Model S to cover 800 km on a single charge, during normal driving, without the need for precise energy dosing and turbulence on the road at turtles pace. And this is not his last word, and he promises to streamline technology so that by 2020 his Tesla is about 1200 km.

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