Imagine the situation in which we just hung up our freshly washed clothes in the garden, and soon it will begin to rain, whose focus on work simply do not notice. Fortunately, a gadget has been created that can save us from being washed off, and it is called Peggy.

Technology is getting more and more into our lives and intelligent systems are not only in the fridges, home lighting, clothes, but now it also appears in the clips that hold us laundering on the ropes before the wind blows.

Omo, a well-known manufacturer of laundry detergents, developed intelligent luggage clips called Peggy. The prototype of this device can detect the approaching rain and then inform the owner of this. The device has a built-in Wi-Fi module that connects to our home network and collects local weather information, and then sends a smartphone notification when it is about to rain soon. This helps you know when your clothes will dry.

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