Most 3D printers available on the market can print from several types of media, but this requires a break in the replacement of the print heads and the materials themselves. This problem will not be available to users of the latest Pam printer model, developed by the French company Pollen.

A new, rather large-sized printer designed for home and business use, designed to be as user-friendly as possible. Its biggest advantage is the ability to use four different types of media during one printing process.

The machine is equipped with four heads and heated aluminum plate, which makes it possible to use various combinations, such as combining pairs of different materials on the fly, and a high operating temperature, which can reach a maximum of 350 degrees. The printer can use natural fibers, carbon, minerals, and metal particles, and it is also convenient to provide ingredients for printing.

Materials are connected to the device in the form of pellets in special containers, which contain thermoplastics, silicones, composites and other industrial quality materials.

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