Wireless networks in Windows 8 will be supported as never before. Quicker time to connect to WiFi, easy access to 3G networks, data meter and transfer rate limitation are just some of the new features in W8.

The wireless connection concept in Windows 8 had to be rebuilt, given that this version would also target mobile devices (such as tablets). To start with, one information about WiFi. A huge change will be the speed of connecting to the network after waking up from sleep: it will take just a little over a second.

Now: huge changes in 3G. Windows 8 will not be able to handle drivers, programs, and other add-ons that are included with 3G modems. Windows 8 will connect to the network itself and will continue to count on data consumed by us to avoid shocking the account. In W8 you will even be able to enable the transfer saving feature, which for example disables automatic updates by Windows Update. In Task Manager you will also see which application uses the most transfer – the new Windows counts. When we are within reach of a known WiFi network, 3G connectivity will be automatically disabled.

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