The American concern Ford has announced its latest Escape SUV with SYNC Connect. This is a special option implemented in the infotainment system called SYNC, which provides the ability to control the functions of the vehicle with a dedicated application on smartphone.

Ford recently put a lot of emphasis on the modern functionality of its vehicles and using the latest technology to make using them much more convenient. That is why it is increasingly using mobile connectivity solutions.

The latest idea of ​​the American concern is to equip SYNC Connect with the latest Escape. This is one of the components of the infotainment system called SYNC, which provides additional functionality enhanced with smartphones.

In other words, the owner of this car with smartphone can remotely start the vehicle engine, including the ability to create a schedule of its running. This way, in the wintertime, we can program the engine firing eg 10 minutes before going to work and then we do not have to scrape the glass and the interior will be pleasantly warm.

You can also remotely lock and unlock the locks, and also have access to fuel level information in the tank, oil level, battery voltage and tire pressure. The additional advantage of this system is the ability to locate a vehicle on the map, in case the owner forget where he parked it.

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